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Director of Sales & Marketing

Best Western Director of Sales & Marketing

Cindy Hiscock

Telephone extension 136

Contact me for
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Convention or business rates
  • Site tours

Assistant General Manager

Best Western Assistant General Manager

Meeting Coordinator

Best Western Meeting Coordinator

Tianna Furness

Telephone extension 138

Contact me for
  • Meeting rooms
  • Special events and parties

Group Reservation Coordinator

Best Western Group Reservation Coordinator

Jackie Pierce

Telephone extension 170

Contact me for
  • Group guest room blocks

Event Planner

Best Western Event Planner

Melanie Mackay

Telephone extension 142

Contact me for
  • Weddings
  • Conferences
  • Banquets

Guest Service Supervisor

Best Western Guest Service Supervisor

Jacque Brooks

Telephone extension 140

Contact me for
  • General inquiries
  • Customer service

Office Administrator

Best Western Office Administrator

Brenda Lahay

Telephone extension 141

Contact me for
  • Employment
  • Health and safety
  • New accounts
  • Accounts receivable

Event and Restaurant Supervisor

Best Western Event and Restaurant Supervisor

Lindsay Watson

Contact me for
  • Restaurant inquiries
  • Event inquiries

Executive Chef

Best Western Executive Chef

Jason Canham

Telephone extension 268

Contact me for
  • Specialty menu items


Best Western Accountant

Cathy Tompkins

Telephone extension 199

Contact me for
  • Accounts payable